Tuesday, June 30, 2009

What Decison makers Want? | MIS for Top Management

What Decision Makers Want?
In today's dynamic and highly competitive market what decision makers really want is decision support rather than just an overload of MIS reports.
Decision support which is effective and helps take control of business processes. 1KEY empowers decision makers with easy to understand and intelligent analysis and MIS reporting to eliminate blind spots in critical areas of operation
Dashboard; to have a view of Business: For those discerning managers who value time. They need a quick enterprise-wide overview of critical areas of business such as sales, collections, payments, expenses and profitability presented in easy to understand graphical forms. They need to regularly measure the performance against budgets, track receivables and collections.
Drilldown to the specifics: View the numbers behind the dashboard to understand complex business drivers. Drill down from the dashboard all the way to specific territory or product line level to view relevant numbers. Move from current data to historic data. Go beyond the limitations of basic spreadsheets and adapt to hierarchical structures of geographical territories and product groupings. Territories and product lines under per forming are highlighted for easy identification.
Analyze the performance: A range of MIS reports and analysis to give the power of timely informed decisions. View sales by amount and quantity by territory, by product or by customer. Compare with budgets and previous year sales, View sales trends and much more. View the reports on screen, save it in .html or .pdf formats to email or share with others. Analyze the data for newer insights into business with profitability analysis etc. Easily define the reports the way you want to see with advanced filters.
Who-What-When-Where-Why-How: Get quantitative facts based answers to one and many questions.
KPI Key Performance Indicator: The numbers required to watch daily to maintain your growth trajectory.
Single version of Truth: Every person in the organization must have same number.
Information: Right information to the right people at right time.
Business Intelligence: Decision makers including top management in every company need an affordable and scalable operational business intelligence (BI) to compete successfully.
Simplified Decision Making: By extracting value from day-to-day transaction data to make informed decisions. Import transactional data from financial accounting systems such as Tally, ERP software like SAP,QAD, Fourth Shift, CRM solutions like Microsoft Dynamic or SCM application like Microsoft Navision or Oracle e-Business Suite quickly to generate the reports and analysis. Measure, analyze and optimize business data. Connect to multiple database like Oracle, MS SQL, DB2, MYSQL, Sybase, FoxPro, etc. and give a single reporting view of the enterprise-wide data.

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