Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Towards providing citizen-centric IT enabled services to the manufacturing and trading sectors, it has been decided that electronic filing of central excise returns shall be enabled.
The Assessee who opts for electronic filing will be provided a user-id and password to access the site and file the return.The Assessee can prepare a text file in the prescribed format and upload the same by connecting to the central server.
Excise registered units can computerize their Excise documentation by going for Udyog Excise Software. User can make the day-to-day data entry in Udyog Excise software and get all the statutory documents for Excise. This software also generates ER-1, ER-3, ER-5 and ER-6., these return report can be converted in to text file and upload the same to the central server. It is proposed that eventually E-filing is going to be compulsory. For more details visit

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